General fluorescence

The goal the tutorials is to provide introductory information for the analysis and interpretation of fluorescence data acquired by time-tagged time resolved (TTTR) data. The analysis of TTTR-data includes:

  • Fluorescence decay analysis
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Single molecule detection

The software ChiSurf implements the methods for data analysis and interpretation presented by the tutorials. ChiSurf is developed in Python for 64bit-Windows machines and provided as a downloadable installer.

Fluorescence decay analysis

  • Global analysis of multiple fluorescence decays
  • Generation of fluorescence decay histograms based on TTTR data
  • Analysis of time-resolved anisotropy decays
  • Analysis of FRET quenched fluorescence decays by physical model functions 1

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

  • Analysis of FCS curves
  • Correlation of TTTR-data by efficient correlation algorithms 2